Joe Wrobel

[Bullet]Robinson Crusoe in the T.D.
[Bullet]The Dance Castle
[Bullet]The Staff of Hermes
[Bullet]Delight in Its Place
[Bullet]The Second Seeding
[Bullet]Wild Tom
[Bullet]Outside Monticello
[Bullet]Fire Sermon
[Bullet]Three Poems about Islands
[Bullet]A Good Old "Loser in the Bar" Play

J. Kevin Wolfe

[Bullet]The Bubble
[Bullet]The Day Reality Asked Dreams For a Dance
[Bullet]do they?
[Bullet]The Fiddler and His Lady
[Bullet]No Tomorrow

Mary Winters

[Bullet]Big Screen
[Bullet]Blow Us All To Kingdom Come
[Bullet]The Cat Who Cooked Herself
[Bullet]Funny Thing At The Factory
[Bullet]Hair is Power
[Bullet]His Victim's Dream of Revenge
[Bullet]It's So Helpful
[Bullet]Looking Sad Is Plenty
[Bullet]Stick It On Backwards

Les Wicks

[Bullet]Just Outside, Blinking
[Bullet]Out and About
[Bullet]This Wonderful World

George Wallace


Phibby Venable

[Bullet]The Appaloosa

Bruce E. Tomczak

[Bullet]The Influence of Mirrors
[Bullet]Lizard of Dreams
[Bullet]No Water, Light and Music

Tien Tran

[Bullet]All Saints
[Bullet]Rain Brings a Voice
[Bullet]Returning Home

A. Y. Tanaka

[Bullet]No Flag
[Bullet]No Reason
[Bullet]On Time
[Bullet]Ox Hide

Barry Spacks

[Bullet]Consultation with the Roshi
[Bullet]Dim Sum
[Bullet]A Fresh One
[Bullet]Po' Biz
[Bullet]Sudden Glimpse

Steven Boyd Saum

[Bullet]Noviy Rik (New Year) 1995
[Bullet]Reflections in Kiev

Dennis Saleh

[Bullet]Henry Shakespeare
[Bullet]Ingredients for Sleep of Six Days
[Bullet]The Negative Confession of the Scribe
[Bullet]Pillow -- from The Somniad
[Bullet]The Sleepwalker's Prayer
[Bullet]The Third Man

Jenny Sadre


MaryAnn Bennett Rosberg

[Bullet]Anne By Any Other Name Is Still Anne
[Bullet]The Blue Heron
[Bullet]The Courage of Flowers
[Bullet]How the Words Made Flesh
[Bullet]The Player Must Go On
[Bullet]The Rose
[Bullet]When the Grail is a Sword: Guinevere's song

Steven Reid

[Bullet]Dropping Hearts In the Wind
[Bullet]Forest Footing
[Bullet]Having Singled You Out
[Bullet]Hope In My Chest
[Bullet]Not Dancing to the Sunlight
[Bullet]In the Passing of a Day
[Bullet]trying to keep in

Joy Reid

[Bullet]Barbed Wire
[Bullet]Blue Print
[Bullet]Dream Truth 4
[Bullet]Roo Shoot

Walt Phillips

[Bullet]Golden Villa Estates
[Bullet]How Going On Is Managed
[Bullet]O Ho
[Bullet]Poem Preceding a Holiday

Leo Obrst

[Bullet]By the River In Which We Bled
[Bullet]Father to the Son of Himself
[Bullet]Insects Do Not Have Voices
[Bullet]Nowhere Near Me Now

Kurt Nimmo


Sylvan Moe

[Bullet]More Changes
[Bullet]No Blame
[Bullet]Tired Nights
[Bullet]What We Breathe

Jim Maddocks

[Bullet]The Linguist
[Bullet]Sign of the Times

James Lineberger

[Bullet]Color Negative
[Bullet]Crystal Clear Persuasion
[Bullet]Harold Russell Decides to Auction Off His Oscars
[Bullet]How To Get Laid
[Bullet]In Amongst Trees
[Bullet]It Is This Way with Collectors
[Bullet]Mured Up in the Wall of Wisdom
[Bullet]Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Them Goodbye
[Bullet]Shrove Tuesday
[Bullet]To the Lighthouse
[Bullet]Who Would Have Dreamed

Sharon Kourous

[Bullet]Slow Light

Jeff Kersh

[Bullet]I Could Only Be Happier
[Bullet]You Are Here

W. Luther Jett

[Bullet]And We Fall
[Bullet]Entry In an Old Journal
[Bullet]Five Minutes of Fresh Air
[Bullet]Hurricane Off Henlopen
[Bullet]Through Water, Uncertain
[Bullet]Whose Camp?


[Bullet]Cocktail Carnations
[Bullet]Wet Tapestry

Robert W. Howington

[Bullet]Another Poem Written on Company Time
[Bullet]The First Time I Died
[Bullet]Piss on This
[Bullet]We're All Going Down

Scott C. Holstad

[Bullet]Breakfast Machine
[Bullet]Can't Fit Anywhere
[Bullet]Underground Cinema
[Bullet]Upon Seeing

LeeAnn Heringer

[Bullet]working the booth at Comdex
[Bullet]outside the convention center
[Bullet]reading my future in the entrails of sausages and eggs
[Bullet]into the arms of the future
[Bullet]leaving your luck in Las Vegas

Mary Herbert

[Bullet]The Best Summer in Maine Before the Divorce
[Bullet]The Burning Motel
[Bullet]The Flasher
[Bullet]I Am the Daisy
[Bullet]On the Weapons Range

Edward Harkness

[Bullet]Auden in China
[Bullet]Black Butterflies
[Bullet]Comet Hyakutake
[Bullet]On Reading of the Hanging of a Dissident Black Poet in South Africa
[Bullet]Raspberries in October
[Bullet]The Worlds I Know

Taylor Graham

[Bullet]Aspen Diary, June 20
[Bullet]Bluebird Lady
[Bullet]A Cougar Too Close
[Bullet]Highlake Basin
[Bullet]Pearly Everlasting

Richard Fein

[Bullet]The Anti-confessional Confessional Poem
[Bullet]Loony Lucy
[Bullet]The Nihilist Creationist Poem
[Bullet]Old Haunts
[Bullet]Traffic Jam

Bill Dubie

[Bullet]Far Country
[Bullet]Ghost Tree
[Bullet]The Only Evidence of Night

Charlie Dickinson

[Bullet]Ambergris Caye
[Bullet]Saturday Night in Corpus Christi

Holly Day

[Bullet]And Then He Hit Me
[Bullet]Driving Me
[Bullet]Under Paul
[Bullet]Sister Dream

Louie Crew

[Bullet]Closet Suffocation
[Bullet]Gay Domesticity on the Answering Machine
[Bullet]Give Me
[Bullet]In Broad Daylight
[Bullet]Lost Clusters Found on my Hard Disk
[Bullet]A Quickie in Bai Hai Park

Lyn Coffin

[Bullet]Crystals of the Unforeseen
[Bullet]Forty Ways of Looking at Skin

C. E. Chaffin

[Bullet]Between Solstices
[Bullet]Frisbee Golfer
[Bullet]The Intruder
[Bullet]To the Giants

Jonathan Chen


Janet Buck

[Bullet]Godiva Chocolate Rocks & Stones
[Bullet]The Hospital Bed

Robert James Berry

[Bullet]The Gulf
[Bullet]Precious Stones
[Bullet]The Sacrifice
[Bullet]Shadow Puppets

Cathleen Benson

[Bullet]After Rain
[Bullet]Death of a Swan
[Bullet]The Hired Man
[Bullet]Winter Tree

Moshe Benarroch

(translated from the Hebrew originals by the author)

[Bullet]Can a Poem Help?
[Bullet]Good Being Alone
[Bullet]Suddenly She Was More Beautiful....

David Allen

[Bullet]Of Coffee & Bean
[Bullet]Road Kill
[Bullet]They're Only Books

Stephen Williamson

[Bullet]All Sky
[Bullet]It's Usually Koyaanisqatsi
[Bullet]Oswaldo Fired
[Bullet]Some Nights...Shiva
[Bullet]Steeplechase of Ghosts
[Bullet]Vacationing Where Once We Lived
[Bullet]Well-heeled Gentlemen
[Bullet]Wet Feathers
[Bullet]What His Leather Means....
[Bullet]What To Say About John...?

William Timberman

[Bullet]The Arrangements
[Bullet]Ciudad de Los Angeles
[Bullet]Coal Oil Point Poems
[Bullet]Interstate 40
[Bullet]Kissing the Horse
[Bullet]This Poem is Fully Reversible

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