Nowhere Near Me Now

Nowhere near me now some little bit of pidgeon redemption: god like a frog
or a rock hen straddling sticks of a shish kabob, sweat runneling into the
gravy bowl, mary quite contrary going down on some nearby stud centurion,
moaning on and on about bowling so close to 300 once you could have slicked
your dick on the difference and given up a molecule at most, that was my best
game except for this, pete and drew sopping up the agony like barbers in the
shop with clean lineaments, john lost in the background with his video and
beeper: come to me clean, spuzz that nonsense about Judass up your oxtail,
sixpence and nonce, I'll see your name in lights and raise you up twiced onto a
criss-crossed tree.  Pull you by the hamstrings right around the gold torn
loincloth, cheek to cheek.  God father art.

Leo Obrst