face me
look and see the destruction of me
        don't blink
you might miss seeing my nose fall off
        listen closely
you'll hear the quiet steady screams
mingling in the air around my nostrils

    clothe me!
i am naked in this house
everything is naked around me and plain
         i am plain!
my nose is gone
my hair has all fallen off and i am
listen to my heart
    it beats so slowly
        i'm afraid it might stop
too soon....

and my breasts hang from my torso like brown peaches
are brown peaches rotten peaches?
someone told me so once,
        am i so plain now,
    as plain as rotten peaches?
have i touched upon evil in my searchings?

        but i am naked
    i'm told i'm quite enchanting when naked
    are my thighs too perfect for you,
    is my bush too sweet?
    are my arms too soft,
    my legs too strong around your hips?
            can i straddle you with my thighs,
                  wrap silk around you?

i can overlook the plainess for a short while
and i can carry you in my womb to heaven
    but we'll be back to the rotten peaches
           and this plain naked house
           and our plane naked bodies.