Wet Tapestry

The windows should 
have been shut
but she was used 

to basements and attics 
so she lay on the floor 
of the ceiling beside 

the window 
lover sprawled under her 
nipple in his armpit 
and feet in his hair

her arms were cut 
and tied to her waist

she liked it that way
running invisible fingers
in circles down his back.
Her curly hair tangled 
with his pubics
her eyes counted 

birds on the curtains
while he ran further and
further away from home.

He liked to have her like this
the windows open 
rain outside

later while they sit together,
he'd pull down the wet tapestry
and drown into a long fitful sleep

his body cold and damp.
Sated, he would then dream 
of warmer bodies in the rain.