It's Usually Koyaanisqatsi

It's usually Koyaanisqatsi
when you can't figure out
what else it is.
you can't understand
they are trying to tell you.
When their complaints are so vague and
elusive you wonder why anyone
would bother to complain....
"Steve, why don't Americans drink
more red wine? I just don't
That's Koyaanisquati.
Didn't have a word for it until I saw
the movie.
And behind the bar I have many
words. Words which send the
smell of licorice or raspberries
out across the room.
Speedrack words where I can get
at them quick. Premium back-bar words
up on display behind me. Doghouse words down
below the speedrack, that I don't use much.
I even have words when I run out of words
which I have to go down to the cellar to bring up.
Empty bottle words, beer bottle words, Moet et Chandon
words, words mostly women like, words liked by men.
Sweet words, strong words. Words of different proof.
German, French and Italian words.
Words which resemble something they are not.
Words which resemble nothing at all.
But I didn't have Koyaanisqatsi until I saw the movie.

Most bartenders know it though,
some nights you

Stephen Williamson