Black neon appoints          There is a 1000-piece          A grey is at the door
the room with                jig-saw puzzle                 in the electricity

soft finality                "White"                        There is a phone call
How does the black glow      "Put the Century together"     for the television

It is the last year          Everyone is arguing            For the last day
of a century of wonders      over the calendar              of the year

The opposite is true now     In how many parts              the news will be
in most instances            shall the year be              one day early

for example                  What does even                 The sea will sing
these black chalk            the letter "C" mean            its sea song

sullen swathed               In a tome on                   The moon pronounce
tubes of coiled light        old names of the moon          "C" for century

In the Air Museum            argument is made that          Looks at the air
it's raining umbrellas       the moon was the origin        It averts its face

like an old-fashioned        of the letter "C"              The century
surrealist painting          in all languages               is out of place

In this room                 This moon drags                The future is not accurate
sea planes                   its 100 years                  do not forget

In this room                 abbreviates itself             Time has left
pterodactyls                 and is gone                    no trace

In the very last room        The century is so old now      scientists say
the sky                      the only days left             but

Now in the                   are Sundays                    make a rhyme
Museum of Promises           the only religion euphemism    if you have one

a sign reads                 for the color curling up
over the century             the sea peeling away

"Removal Sale"               Nobody remembers
"Everything must go"         when it wasn't December

Everything unfinished        A book says it is all
Everything undone            simultaneity

Dennis Saleh