Of Coffee & Bean

"Come on, I need some sleep tonight." And I felt sorry for her. I
was truly sad.

"I'm sorry." I knew she'd be asleep. I knew she had a bed for nothing. It's
selfish, but I just couldn't control myself - wanted to say - hey mind. I had no
clue how to start. I knew that once I got started in... a giant surge. I
shouldn't have bothered her, would be to my adieu, my demise, either way, I...my
problem is I take that risk. She eyeing my third cigarette. I had you. I needed
to, immediately. I did, either. "Look I don't know how else to...begging. I went
- reached for the nerve to say what I wanted to - of coffee and bean - I don't
know, I just keep it inside - they never had before. I was afraid to look up.

David Allen