Smack dab in the middle of the club, cornered, no 
way out She had been following me for weeks, 
harassing me, driving me fucking nuts. She was 
everywhere I went, no escape, 20 calls a day

(God, I want you) she assaulted anyone I was 
with; told her that I was gay, didn't work, couldn't 
bluff the bitch. She was a fucking nightmare!

"I want you in my mouth right now right here."

Yeah, sure bitch, the place is packed, no chance, 
be my guest.

Damn if she didn't drop my pants and suck me 
down to the balls in three seconds flat!

While they pulled her off of me I wondered if IT 
would remain intact with that kind of suction and 
why did they ever let her out of the nuthouse and 
what did I do to deserve this.

I only heard from her twice more, "God, I want 
you in me, can I have some of your poems?" I 
think they locked her back up.

Scott C. Holstad