Breakfast Machine

i was eating in a cafeteria this morning, 
doing the breakfast thing, when i noticed 
a breathtaking girl come in, pile some food 
on her tray and sit down. looked like she 
had just gotten out of bed, black matted hair 
scattered to all four corners of the room, 
bone white face hidden behind thick buddy holly 
glasses. she wore a white t shirt and cut off 
jeans and i noticed just how skinny her legs 
were. chicken legs i would 'e called 'em when i 
was younger. jutting from her chest in awesome 
contrast to the rest of her body was a huge pair 
of very full breasts, bouncing and swaying with 
each of her movements they seemed to be somewhat 
unfettered so to speak.

two little yuppie girls passed her table, sneering. 
probably thought she was repulsive. i thought she 
was gorgeous

i sat at my table fantasizing in every possible 
disgusting way, and enjoying the hell out of it. 
i became aware of my growing erection and placed 
the front page of the morning paper over it.

i then noticed her get up to grab seconds. 
i was impressed. healthy girl, healthy 
appetite. i was even more impressed 
when i saw her glance both ways and 
then get up to go grab a bowl of cereal. 
my, i thought, this girl can certainly eat. 
what an appetite!

imagine my surprise when she stood up 
again and poured herself another bowl of 
cereal. where in hell's name does she put 
it, i thought. this is kind of fascinating to 

when she got up a fifth time, i knew the 
secret. she was feeding those mammoth 
breasts! they were separate entities. they 
were demanding more food as they 
obviously grew before my eyes. i 
immediately thought of the film little 
shop of horrors. more like little shop of 
big cereal eating tits.

finally this ultra skinny girl with the 
chicken legs and monster breasts got up 
and left, strutting as she walked out the 
door leaving me filled with awe and lust 
and just a little hankering for more.

Scott C. Holstad