James Lineberger

[Bullet]We Shall All Be Changed

"What a relief, child. I can't tell you. I prayed and prayed you'd come rescue me, and you did. If I had to spend another night in that place I think I would croak."  


David Smilow


"I said it's not a goddamn dream! Look where you are. Two seconds or two years or however long ago it was now -- who the hell knows anything anymore? -- I had a forkful of fettucine this far from my mouth. Now I'm...Jesus Christ!"  


Stephen Williamson

[Bullet]Loving Bridget's Ear

"I was out control, I tell you, out of control -- beside meself with craving. I had to have that ear, I had to have it. I was off me head. Over me top I tell you."



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