Jean Houston

[Bullet] Of Myth and Science and Patterns Coming Down from the Big House

"My story is true, but not accurate. I begin with the great Gardeners, who decide to plant a new garden. They themselves live in the Big House...."

Elaine De Beauport

[Bullet] Crossing the Threshold of the Unconscious

A selection from The Three Faces of Mind: Developing Your Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Intelligences -- Quest Books, 1996

Elaine de Beauport

[Bullet] Electric Patterns of Reflection: an Interview with Stephen Williamson

"This human piece of creation has finite possibilities and has infinite possibilities. And the name of the game is...which part in creation do we want to play?"

Wayne Hilburn

[Bullet] Live the Pain, Learn the Hope

"The doctor has said it. Cancer. The patient's mind screams it. Cancer!"

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