* Suncats: spots of moving light -- whether floating along a porch on a summer day, or slipping across the inside of a dark cathedral -- catlike and silent -- revealing the details of sacred statues before moving on.

Suncats is a place for the impressionistic and transient, the empheral and fleeting -- even for writing that's provisional and unfinished.

Elisabeth Karsten

Drachenliebe (Dragonlove)

"I like dragons. In fact they are my favorite animals. I had a short period at the age of five, when I liked rabbits, but once my uncle introduced me to dinosaurs, I abandoned the cute, fluffy, carrot munching creatures for immensely large, leather skinned and yellow eyed reptiles."

Cristopher Anderson

The Woman In a Red Dress

"Half way through I realized this was a comedy of rage, a comedy of alienation and rage. Not any different than much of what our culture serves up.... "

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