Wolf Moon

"The wolf I wrestle by the ears is me."

The wolf you wrestle by the ears is me.

The wolf invisible in you is you.

The Wolf that rises up to me is true.

Joe Wrobel

The Magician of MkzdK

[Bullet] An Interview with Stephen Miller by Stephen Williamson

An extended discussion with the creator of -- one of the Web's most visionary and innovative sites.

Jordanne Holyoak

[Bullet] The Transcendental Gardener

"When my grandfather, an Apache medicine man, plants a seed, he sings a prayer to the Great Spirit. He then walks away from the seed, his duty done."

Cristopher Anderson

[Bullet] Sacred Theater: Playing for Gold

"Twenty of us are moving into position over a worn maple floor in an obscure warehouse studio in Minneapolis. We've been asked to take the classic pose of the Hindu god Shiva."

The Work of Sacred Theater

[Bullet] An Interview with Peggy Nash Rubin by Stephen Williamson

"It's become more clear to me how a work of expression changes your life -- even if it changes no one else's."

Black Raven Suncats

"Suncats is a place for the impressionistic and transient, the empheral and fleeting -- even for writing that's provisional and unfinished."

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