Tony [talks to himself]


Tony--you're a slick/sick motha fucka
money in your ears
& your eyes are seeing halves--half
what the gold, so-called, is

you think some god reached in your pocket
to teach you a lesson
make you go on less/ less than half
& minus the loss

Tony, do you know how to minus?
We know--the whole world knows--
Canada, India, Brooklyn

[look at your plate--what's there--and
lick your lips and smile--in a minute
your face might be frozen,
or cold, Tony, cold]

you know how to plus
so what  add onto yourself what?
silks, pure wools--cashmere
left in the rain--
it's all the same

you're a dull toad, Tony
in a left-over stew;
you've stopped reading the news
& it's good--even the comics are dandy

wake up!