by Shelley Feinerman

My paintings are an expression of my artistic essence, my humor, my feminism, my joys and my sorrows. During the winter months I paint from still life arrangements in my studio. During the warmer months I love to paint outdoors. I find this time painting outdoors (plein en scene) essential for effusing the still life paintings with light. Recently I started a new series of paintings -- nudes of myself depicting various myths and folk tales. I'm very excited about these paintings.

My paintings, which now tend towards the extravagant, are a synthesis of far ranging ideas and influences focused on the importance of tradition. Although I use many abstract elements within my paintings I remain faithful to representational concerns. The genre may vary but the paintings are related by their use of color and design and their placement on canvas.

I find inspiration in the writing of architect Louis I. Kahn. "Silence to Light. Light, the giver of presence, casts its shadow which belongs to light. What is made to Light and Desire."

Shelley Feinerman

Shelley Feinerman received her first recognition while still in grade school, when she won the NYC-wide Lever House Competition. She has shown widely in the US, including a one-person show at Manhattan's Roerich Museum. Her work is included in numerous public and private collections.

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The Spice of Life (52K)

Tulips Times Two (66.5K)

Shadowland (52.6K)

A Composition (55K)

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