Poems and Images

by Radek Rzepoluch

"My name is Radek Rzepoluch. Come from Poland. Born on 1974. I've managed to graduate the elementary, then I haven't made it with the college, for I was too intelligent indeed. In 1995 doctor sir told me I have it messed up good -- it's Morbius Bleulera Simplex, that is Schizophrenia Simple, that is simply Suzie and Franny. Since that, I Call myself Eru Kuivienen Eldamar Nan-tathren Tol Galen Nenuial Nimfelos Kelebrindal Kirith Thoronath Lorindol Hisilome Meneltarma. I say, there doesn't exist any proper physical state -- but just a state proper to achieve certain goals. What kind these goals should be -- it's perfectly subjective.

I'm a poet, a prosaist, a playwright, a graphician, a sculptor, a composer, a philosopher, a self-styled priest, an apostle, a knight, an elf and a little horse of blow-ball. As about the kind of poetry as presented here -- I call it Poems of The Fox (anyone remembers J.M. Arguedas?) -- some critic told me it's crap, has no meaning, you can change the order of verses and notice no difference.... Yes, you can, I replied, so what? Some people consider everything must be the same. While that critic one looks for "Mary had a little lamb," in every poem, my pieces are the melody of sentences, unusual words' relations, ephitet aliens, swift visions, where you can't tell what's going on, but somewhere deep you feel it's phenomenal and beautiful... It demands you have the deep, whatsoever. Well, bring about lots of confusion and you're Joyce, bring some more and you're a blockhead!

What else to say about my art? I'm not sure if I am a genius... but I know what genius is. Not that I paint excellent images, for example -- I produce them because I am able to, that's it. But when you're creating, and you feel the inspiration and affection great, your eyes shine and your heart burn, when you break the band of shadows for a moment -- this is genius."


"Poem 1" (Requires QuickTime Plug-In)

"Poem 2" (Requires QuickTime Plug-In)

"Birdo" (56.5K)

"Cross" (25K)

"Deviless with Fish" (26K)

"Dogdeath" (55K)

"Enter Dark" (73.5K)

"Call from Limbo" (67.5K)

"Prayer" (37.5K)

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