Open Committee of Political Correspondence
Open Committee of Political Correspondence

Small Man

"The cane in trained white hands, can gain
The wog some etiquette" -- an old refrain.
(Then one small man disdains the cane.)

"Bond Street clothing: it can win
The browns cheap seats -- if we let them in."
(The small man strips and learns to spin.)

"It's nature's way: the best form castes
of privilege, ours as long as Empire lasts."
(The small man sits, and waits, and fasts.)

"The salt tax smarts, but those who balk
Will swallow soon. The rest is talk."
(The small man rises and begins his walk.)

"What if others, angered, miles
And decades distant, learn such gentle wiles?"
(The small man giggles, shrugs and smiles.)

Joe Wrobel

Downsizing America

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