Digital Photographic Collages

by Tommy Mintz  


I call these 'digital photographic collages'. They are digitally composed multinegative images.

I make pictures in an effort to fulfill a desire to create. I love observation, and through my images try to show others how fulfilling it can be.

If observation is an "art" then I hail the term. Otherwise I shun the title "Fine Art" and all of its baggage.

I strive to create images which are acessable, financially inexpensive, and intellectually stimulating to everyone.

I believe all images are "public domain." Do what you like with these.

Remember, these images are low tech. Anything can be done to photographs today.

-- I use Corel Photo Paint 8 --


For more information and other works by Tommy Mintz, please visit:

Tom's Cabin


Beaux Arts 8 (193.8K)


Corner C (55.3K)


57th St. (134.2K)


Kids on Street" (275.4K)


Antoni Gaudi's "La Sagrada Familia" (286.3K)


Truck Stop (219.4K)


Woman Sweeping Corner of 11th and Hudson (150.8K)

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