by Curtis R. Lindsey  


My artwork has always been about interpretation. How one person sees a particular piece may be entirely different from any other given person. Colors, shapes, forms, and figures that a viewer can easily relate to have been the staple of my work. Familiar objects rendered with a twist of the brush let others see the way I see objects: as interrelating blocks of color.

Areas flow into one another, and are influenced by each other. Even the seamless nude figure has an inherent geometry. In my work, I observe it then portray it in the painting or drawing. This simplification of form and color interprets skin-tones, clothing, objects and settings in a manner that is not seen in every-day life. This allows much more freedom in my work, along with a much more expressive feel.

My observations come from life: people and their lives, their emotions, their situations. Life and time perform their terrible dance as I try to capture it quickly with color and line. Expressing moods and situations, grace and beauty, and often the duality of human emotion has always been my goal.


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