by Tadevos Lazaryan  


Tadevos Lazaryan took intensive art courses during his studies in architecture at the Polytechnic Institute in Yerevan, Armenia. Upon obtaining his diploma, he pursued postgraduate studies at the Central Science Research Institute of Town Planning in Moscow. He has been a self-employed painter for recent 10 years. His unique style reflects his studies in both art and architecture.

Tadevos uses various media -- india and pearlescent inks, glitters, acrylics, and bronze powder -- to enhance his technical skill. Most of his works are made in 24 cm x 30 cm. size (9 in. x 12 in.)

Tadevos says about his work: "Each painting is a window, opening from the real world to the abstract or imaginary one. The viewer becomes part of the creative process, using his own feelings to interpret the images."

Tadevos previously exhibited in the Northern Michigan Arts Council Gallery in Traverse City, MI; the U.S. Embassy (1995) and Office of Union Architects of Armenia (1991) in Yerevan; the Hotel Intercontinental and A. Hammer Trade Center (1990) in Moscow; and the ARS HIT, Vena, and Portret Galleries (1993) in Warsaw. The advertising firm ITCS in Washington D.C. has also purchased 20 of his designs (1994). His works are in private European, Asian, and American collections. He has been a member of the Armenian Union of Architects since 1987. His works have also intensively used in advertising business.

To obtain more information or place orders for the original paintings by mail please contact Tadevos Lazaryan in Yerevan, Armenia at tel: (374-2) 22-66-96, 53-65-67 or fax (374-2) 151-974.



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