by Stanislaw Kors

Stanislaw Kors was born in 1935 in Poland. He was granted a degree of Master of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland, in 1967.

Before coming to South Africa in 1982, he exhibited extensively in Poland, as well as in the USA, France, Norway, West Germany and Argentina, mainly in graphics and posters.

Mr. Kors describes his work as Infrarealism -- below, or underlying, as opposed to going beyond what is generally accepted as being realistic.

Catalogue No. 14: UNTITLED (89K)

Catalogue No. X8: Creation of the Wind (62K)

Catalogue No. 11: The Seed (104K)

Catalogue No. 8: Torrent II (101K)

Catalogue No. X1: UNTITLED (105K)

Catalogue No. 12: UNTITLED (80K)

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