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Dromenon shares the view of the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt and Greece, of Gnostics, Sufis, and other mystical traditions -- that belief and knowledge are not sufficient in themselves. One needs to be in process with the sacred, actively engaged in the exploration of psychological depths and realities.

Dromenon Magazine Online*
*Dromenon's host went down and the magazine seems lost. We hope it will appear again, but meantime aim to present and archive an increasing number of its articles here .

The magazine was founded in 1994 by Janet Parker and others, who had attended philosopher and psychologist Jean Houston's Human Capacities programs, and her revival of the Mystery School tradition. The notion was, that since there was no membership organization, a magazine could help the thousands of individuals who attended these or similar programs keep in touch with each other, with Jean Houston's work, and with others working in the field as well.

Dromenon publishes poetry and short fiction as well as interviews, articles, journal excerpts, and public announcements of programs, workshops and activities.

Dromenon is actively interested in and seeks contributions about everything from ancient mystery schools to modern brain-mind research. It endeavors to sift as best it can through many sources, from academic to new age, for material and processes which will help individuals explore both their own psychological depths, and the ancient realms of the shamanistic, archetypal and sacred.

Total print circulation is about 2,000 -- 1,300 via snail mail.

For further information about Dromenon's next print issue contact:

Janet Parker
1458 N.W. So River Drive
Miami, FL 33125
(305) 643-0144

Stephen Williamson serves as the online contact for the magazine:


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About Jean Houston

Mystery School 1997

Sample Articles from Dromenon

Jean Houston

Of Butterflies and Essence
(Chapter 5 of Jean's autobiography: A Mythic Life, published by Harpers and reprinted here by permission of the author)

Judith Morley

The Once and Future Judith Morley
Stephen Williamson talks with the poet and performer about her art and her new book.

Sandy Gerling

The Hat
Sandy Gerling's short story. "A woman finds a hat... It is unlike anything else in her life."

Ann Bosch

An Unfolding Life
Ann Bosch finds herself in an African village, a dying child in her arms, and remembers, "Be careful what you ask for...." Discovers that she has no regrets.

Stephen Williamson

Return of the Pontiac Kiva Four
As they go their separate ways, four friends gather to discuss the impact of Jean Houston's Mystery School on their lives.


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