Collograph Plates

by John F. Archer

These images are plates for a suite of collographs which will appear in Images when it is completed. The prints are black and white; the colors drawn on the plates in ink serve only as a guide to the application of glue and texturing material -- ground walnut shells, etc. -- which determine the values in the final print. As John puts it:

"The values are just in my imagination now, and if I guess right, I can print with little or no revision (this is usually the case.) Values and repetitions exist now only as texture, and may or may not be readily visible. Texture in plate=value on print. Line, texture, color, value, shape; all else is illusion."

Prologue (153K)

Laura 1 (69K)

Laura 2 (117K)

Laura 3 (48K)

Laura 4 (57K)

Laura 5 (36K)

Laura 6 (39K)

Laura 7 (44K)

Laura 8 (42.5K)

Epilogue (41.5K)

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