by Tom Chambers

"New Directions," as it relates to working with Adobe Photoshop, translates into utilization of this digital manipulation tool to generate images that stem from the psyche or subconscious vs. conventional touch-up or enhancement. The images that follow..."Daisy Maze," "Feeding Frenzy," "Fish Story," "Marilyn," "Milk and Cookies," "Rosary," and "Tomato Box"...reflect the creative process that transforms representational objects/subjects into non-representational ones, which fall into the genre of abstractionism bordering on abstract expressionism. Through scanning of real objects/subjects and photographs of the same, utilizing various features of Adobe Photoshop...such as solarization, wave, hue/saturation, inversion, equalization, median, rotation, flip, cut/copy/paste and crop, then creating montages (for most)...the transformations emerge as a byproduct of the already mentioned psyche or subconscious. Again, the creative process is at work, and at the forefront.

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"Daisy Maze" (124.8K)

"Feeding Frenzy" (64.7K)

"Fish Story" (161.5K)

"Marilyn" (71.6K)

"Milk and Cookies" (88.3K)

"Rosary" (90.8K)

"Tomato Box" (70.1K)

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