AfterNoon is a reincarnation of sorts. Two issues of the original After Noon tabloid were published in 1969-70, before the rest of life intervened.

The original title came partly from our sense that it was getting late in the day, and partly from the fact that we had settled in California, where the living seemed easy -- much like the long summer afternoons of our childhood.

The living doesn't seem so easy now, but it is still late in the day. The forms of the past -- social, political, religious -- are clearly nearing the end of a long decline; those of the future are already partly visible, but their outlines have yet to be filled in -- we can see only dimly, at this point, how we get from here to there.

This is how it must be for us, who have one foot in the past, and one in the future. The new AfterNoon, as part of the Motley Focus Locus, is an attempt to face up to this reality -- to record what we are now as accurately as possible. The hope is that by doing so, we will have some small influence on what comes after us.

We call AfterNoon a magazine, but our intention is to abandon the periodicity which is characteristic of paper magazines. AfterNoon comes closer to being a magazine in the original sense: that is, a storehouse. Everything we put up will stay up, although if we are successful beyond our wildest dreams, we may have to develop some sort of archiving at a later date.

Our submissions policy is an open one: we invite anyone with fiction, drama, poetry, essays or graphics to send them to us. We prefer that they be submitted in electronic form, but we don't require it. See What the Locus Is and Does for details.

William Timberman

Comments, questions should be addressed to the Afternoon Variegators:

William Timberman
(Emeritus) Timberman is the founding Variegator of the Motley Fous

Stephen Williamson

MaryAnn Bennett Rosberg (Poetry Variegator)

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